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In every case, we aim to minimize tax burdens, simplify complexity, and create peace of mind.

We can help you manage your tax and reporting obligations, giving you peace of mind that you are meeting the wide variety of government requirements.

Our significant investment in computerized tax preparation software enables us to prepare tax returns accurately and efficiently for individuals, corporations, partnerships and not-for-profit organizations.

We provide our individual and business clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve throughout the year.

We will assist you during tax audits (as applicable), guiding you through the process and facilitating dialogue with relevant authorities.

Tax Planning

We will review your tax position and work with you to ensure that your planning is as tax efficient as possible. Strategic and skillful planning with help you reduce the amount of tax paid annually and increase tax refunds.

Tax Planning for You and Your Family: We will advise you on all possible tax credits and applicable tax splitting; offer practical strategies that can maximize your tax savings, so you can keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

Tax Planning for You and Your Business: As a small corporation owner, you face with the issue of how much you should pay yourself to minimize the impact of tax. We are familiar with a number of methods of increasing your bottom-line while lowering your pay-out of income taxes, payroll taxes, and taxes on investments. Let us show you how to lower your tax bill.

Need one-on-one tax advice? Meet with one of our knowledgeable tax professionals and get the personalized attention and support you deserve.

  • Family tax minimization
  • Advice on CRA reviews or audits
  • Assistance with handling disputes with CRA
  • Filing a Notice of Objection
  • Transferring or selling shares in your corporation
  • Decisions about incorporating your business
  • Advice on paying yourself salary vs. dividends
  • Setting up a Holding Company
  • Advice on maximizing your shareholder loan

Personal Taxes

We serve a variety of individuals from employed, students, retired and investors to self-employed, commissioned salespeople, professionals, real estate agents, renters and business partnerships.

We have designed our services to ensure that the needs of each of our clients are met. We offer convenient, accurate, and affordable preparation of all types of tax returns.  

  • We will prepare your statement of business or rental income;
  • Calculate capital gains/losses on your investment portfolio;
  • Prepare allowable business investment losses (ABILs) calculation;
  • Prepare tax adjustments (T1 Adj) for previous years.

Using certified tax software, we will prepare and electronically file your tax returns for last year and three years prior to that. Any older tax returns can also be prepared on the tax software, however, they have to be mailed to a Tax Centre because CRA does not support their E-Filing.

At Miralda Ltd you can be assured that you will be given friendly, helpful assistance with all your tax needs. Our services are confidential, affordable, and in compliance with accounting industry standards. We get to know our clients, and provide them with a level of service you can’t get from walking into an office off the street once a year.

Corporate Taxes

Getting your business on the right side of its tax burden is easier than you think.

We specialize in the preparation and filing of corporate income tax returns (T2) for small and medium sized businesses.

Whether you are a family owned corporation (CCPC), Professional Corporation, Personal Services Corporation, or a Holding Company we work to maximize your Small Business Tax Deduction and minimize your tax bill.

We ensure that all your tax compliance deadlines are timely met to avoid any late filing penalties.

We will analyze the tax implications of your business decisions, and select the best structure for proposed transactions and new investments.

GST/HST Filing

Whether you have monthly, quarterly or annual HST filing requirements, we can help you to prepare and file the remittance forms, to calculate sale, HST collected and paid.

Not registered yet? Not a problem, we can help you to open HST account. First, you need to determine for yourself if you need to open HST account. If your annual sale is over $30,000, then it is mandatory to register. However, some products and services are exempt from HST. Like child care or residential rent is exempt and you are not allowed to register for HST. On another hand, if your clients are mostly non-business clients, HST that you charge them will increase your price rate and make you less competitive.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to wait until your sales hit $30,000 to register for HST. You can open HST account as soon as you open your business or incorporate. If you do that, you may benefit when your early expenses are higher than your sale. As soon as you register for HST, you can claim back all that HST you paid on expenses and maybe even receive a refund from CRA.

What We Do:

  • Help you to decide if you need to register for HST;
  • Help you to determine if HST Quick Method is more beneficial for you;
  • Prepare and file an election when you sell or buy your business;
  • Assistance on HST Rebate when buying a new house or condo;
  • Determine if you qualify to deduct HST on purchase of new vehicle.

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