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Planning to invest in Real Estate or Stocks?

Here are some examples of investment properly:

  • Commercial rental property
  • Residential rental property
  • New-built house
  • Investment portfolio in marketable securities
  • Foreign investment property

Investment property by definition should bring return on your investment. Either through rental income, capital appreciation (gain), dividends or interests. Unprofitable investment property would bring capital losses or, in better scenario, no changes in its value.

We will not only prepare your income tax return correctly, calculating gains and losses, but also will provide tax planning services.

  • We will determine the cost of the property and expenses you can deduct when buying or selling the investment property to minimize taxes;
  • help you to decide whether to claim CCA or not;
  • help commercial property owners with annual reconciliation of TMI (common area expenses), budgeting and cash flow predictions;
  • help individual investor, to creating investment holding company.

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