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payroll Services

We offer complete end-to-end payroll solutions with dedicated professionals.

Forget about the hassle related to managing your employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, commissions and deductions.

Simplify the payroll for your business and rely on us to prepare paystubs correctly. Your business will be compliant with CRA regulations and your remittances will be accurate and on time. 

What We Do: 

  • CRA Registration – open payroll account with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA);
  • Remittances – prepare and file the government payroll remittances (PD7A);
  • WSIB – prepare and file WSIB returns and annual reconciliations;
  • EHT – prepare and file Employment Health Tax (EHT) remittances;
  • ROE Forms – complete, file and provide a record of employment (ROE);
  • T4 & T4 Summaries – produce and file T4, T4A, T5018 slips and related summaries at the tax time.

Whether you are paying yourself or your family member, hourly or salaried employees, commissioned or flex-time workers, we handle every aspect of the payroll administration process, so you can focus on growth of your business.

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